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think our dryer may be very dangerous - but Whirlpool say they don't recognise it, so can't repair it," he told the BBC. "Scary! We are totally in limbo." Don Kiddle, from Stratford on Avon, said Whirlpool had refused to replace his Indesit dryer until he wrote to his MP. "I contacted my local MP, Nadhim Zawalhi. He in turn wrote to the chief executive and surprisingly enough we were contacted by the company who delivered a brand new tumble dryer and took the old one away. The item was at zero cost too." Media captionCould your dryer catch fire? The Local Government Association (LGA), which represents 48 Fire Brigades in England and Wales, said Whirlpool should begin a "mass publicity" campaign to warn people not to use their dryers. Whirlpool has written to 3.8 million owners of the affected

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dryers, offering repairs, but as many as 2.4 million have not responded. The LGA repeated warnings that faulty tumble dryers are causing three fires a day, although not all of these are Whirlpool machines. "For needless months, consumers have been playing 'Russian roulette' with at-risk tumble dryers prone to bursting into flames and destroying homes, and with firefighters attending three fires a day caused by the appliances," said Cllr Simon Blackburn, chair of the LGA's safer and stronger communities board.

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