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BBC - Travel - Why South Korea is an ideal breeding ground for robots

It is that ancient heritage, replete with animals who have their own hopes and dreams, trees with souls and mountains with spirits, that may have, in some way, helped influence South Korea’s modern technology. The innovation powerhouse might not even exist today – at least if Korean folklore has anything to say about it – if it weren’t for one bear who was as persistent as she was optimistic. The innovation powerhouse might not exist today if it weren’t for one bear This bear, more than 4,300 years ago, was high atop a mountain with a tiger. They both longed to be human. Taking pity on them, the son of the Lord of Heaven gave them two sacred foods, garlic cloves and mugwort, and told them to ration the supply and stay out of the sun for 100 days. Impatient, the tiger quickly quit. The bear, though, made it to the end of the challenge, transforming into a woman who went on to marry the son of the Lord of Heaven and give birth to a son of her own. Named Dangun , he took the throne and became the ruler of the land. And so, the Korean kingdom owed its creation to an animal who achieved very human aspirations. View image of South Korea’s ancient animist legends may have helped influence the nation's appreciation of modern technology (Credit: Credit: Jose Jordan/Getty Images) The nation’s foundation myth, celebrated every 3 October, is just one in a collection of animist legends that form a cornerstone of the country’s oldest religion: shamanism. Even today, shamanist attitudes remain “embedded” in the Korean psyche, influencing “business, politics and everyday lives,” according to Kwang-yeong Shin, professor of sociology at Chung-ang University in Seoul.

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y'all if you're going to South Korea please include to your travel list the "Ossu seiromushi" near at the Seokchan Lake. Because that's the restaurant of Kim Seokjin and his brother. :)

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North Korea news: Secrets of mysterious Pyongyang revealed | Travel News | Travel | Express.co.uk

North Korea latest news secrets holiday For anyone wanting to visit, organised tourists are highly advised to remain safe and not risk any law-breaking or restricted area visits. Photographs of military men or buildings are something that is also banned for tourists. Taking pictures in the DMZ is easy, but if you come too close to the soldiers, they stop you North Korea: A British tourist revealed some of the shocking secrets of the capital city While the city has a number of beautiful museums, landmarks and sightseeing locations, the restrictions mean little mingling with local people. Clinch explained that the “everyone was friendly” but they were not allowed to hang out with North Korean citizens. Along with this, local people have much stricter rules than visiting tourists. Not only do they not have internet or televisions with external channels, but they also only get “15 days holiday a year plus Sundays”. Locals are forced to live at home from childhood until they are married. North Korea: Visitors rarely see locals walking through the city Holiday bookings to North Korea appear to have spiked in recent months, according to Regent Holidays. Since the Winter Olympics which saw North Korea and South Korea come together, interest has increased for visitors.

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